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improWEB Price List



  • Schedule and plan upgrade paths on all servers as new and better development and hosting software becomes available
  • Maintaining High speed premium internet connection
  • Maintaining SQL Server Database
  • Software Licensing Costs
  • Maintaining Main Server
  • Maintaining Backup and Development Servers
  • Daily Database Backups
  • Maintaining Server OS Upgrades
  • Maintaining runtime environment and upgrading for the servers
  • Off Site Data Storage
  • Maintaining Site Security
  • Preventative maintenance for security and Stability
  • Providing Bandwidth
  • Maintaining DNS Servers
  • Maintain E-mail Addresses (If needed)
  • DNS Records (if needed)
  • Maintain DNS Servers
  • improWEB & improPAY Account enquiries

improWEB solution


  • Maintaining the improWEB software on the member side
  • Maintaining Database integrity
  • Research new technologies
  • Research business models and workflow improvement
  • Research logistics processes and improvements
  • Research in web technologies
  • Maintaining improPAY - When the any of the banks change their websites we need to change the software on our side to match the new changes.
  • Maintaining basic basket and checkout functionality
  • Basic site design according to logo


  • Additional Development that is not currently on the system @ R 450 p/h
  • Additional Design work not included in the basic site layout design @ R 250 p/h 
  • Additional Design work after site approval @ R 250 p/h
  • Population of site with additonal banners



  • Online help documentation.
  • Fixing errors on the system
  • Usability support that is documented.
  • Onsite Training.
  • Training at our premises.
  • Meetings to discuss system integration or new development.

Business mentorship


  • Set of e-mails that help you get the most out of the products that we offer.


  • Running your distributorship digitally and getting the most out of the improWEB solution. Includes Product detail capturing. Phone for more details.
  • What is needed to run a successful online store. @ R 450 p/h
  • SEO Techniques @ R 450 p/h

E-commerce Website development


  • Setup method into courier system (Worth R 10000)
  • Design of one website excluding content (Outsourced)
  • Fully functional e-commerce solution
  • Integration with credit card functionality for vcs and mygate
  • Integration with the improPAY internet banking system


  • Added functionality that is not currently available. @ R 450 p/h
  • Adding new export scripts for comparative websites. @ R 500 per script.
  • Adding new Affiliate Schemes. @ R 500 per scheme.



  • Manual money collection if no debit order is signed

Please accept my thanks and appreciation for a great up to date, website with current look and feel, functionality and product range. I really like the site now and can now be proud to start marketing again. Please also extend my thanks to the designer who did this and the management. I'm glad I'm part of this team.
Brian - Rzarecters

1 22% of offline sales are influenced by viewing the sellers website
2 customer satisfaction is 12% higher for online sales compared to offline sales
3 44% of all PC's are sold online!

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The improWEB website was created using the improSITE template and is kept up to date using the improWEB tools.

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