With improWEB small resellers can now run rings around big retail stores.

improWEB website compared to big business

I would like to focus on two areas namely price and service.

1) Price

There is no way that any big retailer or retail store can compete with an improWEB customer because they have too many overheads. They might occasionally sell items very cheaply to get feet through the store but other than that they have to many bills to pay as shown above. With improWEB selling becomes an automated system from the time the product is ordered to the time that it is delivered to the door of the client. Not one cent or minute spent except if the client pays by bank transfer.

2) Service

improWEB clients are IT resellers. This means that they have a technical background and are capable of problem solving when it comes to technical issues. Because smaller retailers have the power to make decisions quicker and know the value of customer satisfaction they know that by giving good service they will get repeat business.

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